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Adoptez la routine “less is more" et découvrez nos deux gammes familiales clean, bio & saines pour une peau en bonne santé.


The Ruth range is designed to moisturize, protect and plump skin. 

Intergenerational organic skincare

Our Moisturizing Milk is suitable from an early age, while our Regenerating Face Cream, recommended from the age of 25, helps preserve the skin's youthful appearance and reduce the signs of aging

Each of the five skincare in the Ruth range combines plumping and moisturizing active ingredientsproviding the skin with a perfect synergy of regeneration and moisturizing.

This range provides a complete beauty experience, nourishing the skin deep down to reveal its natural radiance.


The Glowxa range is specially formulated to moisturize, protect and repair skin from cutaneous imperfections.

Perfectly suited to all skin types it is particularly effective for sensitive skin prone to imperfections. Thanks to its intelligent formulas enriched with sebum-regulating active ingredients such aswitch hazel leaves and mallow flower.It responds specifically to every skin need.

It offers comfort and repair, providing targeted relief and leaving the skin soothed and balanced.



Plumping hydrating duo

Dull complexion, wrinkles and fine lines ?

Prevent the appearance of wrinkles and improve the radiance of your skin with this moisturizing and plumping antioxidant duo.

Duo confort hydratant

Révélateurs d'éclats

Répond aux besoins primaires de votre peau ainsi qu'à des problématiques ciblées.

French sophistication and Italian excellence

The Perfect Alliance for flawless skin

Two unique ranges to meet the skincare needs of every family, GRASSFIELD by Ruth offers highly concentrated solutions for exceptional results. The secret? Advanced green intelligent formulas.

Ruth An iconic collection of multi-benefit natural skincare products formulated with powerful ingredients  for exceptional results.

Glowxa Range : Specially designed for reactive skin, this collection strengthens the cutaneous barrier and revitalizes the skin thanks to carefully selected ingredients.

High-quality Skincare researched and developed to meet your skin's needs using two key natural ingredients.

Aloe Vera and Olive oil are two natural treasures that have distinguished themselves for centuries in skin care. 

  • L’Olive oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.
  • L’aloe verasoothes and regenerates the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Together, these two natural ingredients form a truly luxurious, effective and safe combo for radiant, healthy skin. A beauty secret proven by generations. Suitable for all skin types. You'll find them in all our skin care products, combined with other active ingredients.

GRASSFIELD is the name given by English settlers to the tall grasses typical of the vast savannah region of the volcanic highlands in western Cameroon. Ruth is a tribute to Swisa's mother, the brand's creator, who passed on to her her positive energy, her love for family and who accompanies her every day in her heart.

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Two short, transparent face and body skincare ranges. Multifunctional, unisex ORGANIC skincare products to share within the family, replacing the long list of cosmetics in our bathrooms. All while being effective, protective and sublimating.

Exclusive intelligent formulas with no toxic ingredients, drawing their effectiveness from the latest innovations in natural beauty. Our vision of organic cosmetics and skincare.  GRASSFIELD by Ruth.

GRASSFIELD by Ruth reinvents eco-responsible organic beauty and creates a complete range of quality natural skincare products. A minimalist routine based on a simple skincare protocol that has already won over many followers of effective, healthy and transparent organic cosmetics.

Each GRASSFIELD by Ruth skin care product incorporates as many natural active ingredients as possible in the most effective concentrations for optimal, rapid results. You'll be amazed at how many plant extracts work in synergy in each beauty product. GRASSFIELD by Ruth to make your skin more beautiful every day, for a long time to come.

The approach from GRASSFIELD by Ruth is based on the synergy of carefully selected botanical extracts, working in harmony to sublimate your skin on a daily basis.

Beyond sensory appeal, it's the quality and efficacy of our beauty products that count. GRASSFIELD by Ruth skincare routine will convince you that taking care of your skin without jeopardizing your health is now a priority and a must..

Two unique, short and concentrated skincare ranges

MOISTURIZES, PROTECTS, PLUMPS  Five skincare products that not only plump up the skin, but also moisturize and nourish it.

Gamme régénérante Ruth The perfect combination of regeneration and hydration, for a complete, nourishing beauty experience.

Moisturizes, protects and repairs: Anti-imperfections. Skincare products bursting with antioxidants and natural extracts that work synergistically to repair and revitalize skin in depth.

gamme anti-imperfections Glowxa

Égérie de la gamme GLOWXA

Égérie  de la gamme Glowxa

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